My Chain Mail of Books

MY CHAIN MAIL OF BOOKS I sometimes wonder how I am reading the book in my hand. Who recommended it? The last book I just finished was The Camino by Shirley MacLaine. We were watching Downton Abbey and I had to tell my children that the visiting American grandmother in the show (through WhatsApp) was… Continue reading My Chain Mail of Books

Panchkula Times!

Every year, we forget how cold or hot it was in September. Well, I always remember it as a hot month. My theory used to be that If you hear the sound of Ram Leela when you go to close the door at night, then winter is here. Alas, now we are too far away… Continue reading Panchkula Times!

This English Thing!

This English Thing You know we were sent to school by our parents. They thought the best for us. I wonder why they spent more and did not send us to a government school? People still do so all over India. Shiv Nader in Delhi, St. Columbus, Shri Ram School, St. John’s in Chandigarh, Sacred… Continue reading This English Thing!

Fortress of Steal

FORTRESS OF STEAL World leaders with a few exceptions are living in Castles of Lies and Fortresses of steal. Everything is up for grabs. Grabbing can be of the Cuomo style or Bolsonaro type. A Fortress of Steal has just been inaugurated in Poland with the passing of a media bill meant to shut up… Continue reading Fortress of Steal


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