My Chain Mail of Books


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I sometimes wonder how I am reading the book in my hand. Who recommended it? The last book I just finished was The Camino by Shirley MacLaine.

We were watching Downton Abbey and I had to tell my children that the visiting American grandmother in the show (through WhatsApp) was my favorite actress during my younger days and of course even now, Shirley MacLaine. Well, they sort of ignored my unsolicited information as they usually do. I went to Wikipedia and read about her. There I found this information about her journey in Spain on the Camino de Santiago-Camino de Santiago – Wikipedia
I must mention another book on a religious journey. I had read thus but I have forgotten the link in the chain mail. It was From the Holy Mountain – Wikipedia by William Dalrymple. William Dalrymple is an amazing author and historian who has concentrated his life on Indian historical periods including the British Raj and the Mughal Era.
My youngest daughter has a friend who reads a book a day. When I am lost for a title to read I ask my daughter to ask her friend. She recommended “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson. Somewhere I found a reference to Patricia Cornwell and I read Port Mortuary. Her heroine is Kay Scarpetta a medical examiner. Well the books are quite gory as they are usually centered around a Mortuary and killings.

By chanderoo

I am a writer and an amateur photographer. I love capturing sunrises and cloud formations on my old Fuji camera. I have written a number of books including books for children and they are all available on and! I also love to listen to new and old music; I can play some nasty chords on my guitar. I have lost my singing voice but I do badger the neighborhood with some of my singing!

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