Panchkula Times-Mask or No Mask?

To Mask or not to Mask that is the question?

Half Mask/ No Mask

This indeed has been a terrible year and we are glad to have survived it. We, my wife and I are fully vaccinated with a double dose of Covishield. We wore double masks to official buildings and hospitals during emergencies. We have kept ourselves safe in our flat. We have diligently washed our vegetables; sanitized our hands or washed them; we have avoided social events; and only now in September have we strayed out for a walk on the roads of our city. 

Alas, I feel like an alien with my mask while I notice everyone else is mask less. I do feel awkward. The third wave is expected but we would certainly be glad if it did not come. Meanwhile someone please tell me why has everyone stopped wearing a mask in our city where we have managed to bring down the cases to zero.

By chanderoo

I am a writer and an amateur photographer. I love capturing sunrises and cloud formations on my old Fuji camera. I have written a number of books including books for children and they are all available on and! I also love to listen to new and old music; I can play some nasty chords on my guitar. I have lost my singing voice but I do badger the neighborhood with some of my singing!

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