The Messenger is Here-JUST LISTEN!


All religions tell us a new Avatar, a Messenger, a Messiah will come and change the world. The Messiah is here in the form of Nature. Nature is the new Messiah. Heed ye! Listen, it is trying to stop you in your tracks. It is saying desist. Stop. Achtung!

I mean socially we expect each other to be sophisticated enough to take a hint. Here Nature is knocking us on the nose and we are still getting up and carrying on in the same decadent wasteful way that we always were.

It is damned obvious to everyone that there is no logic in having a world with eighty percent of the population crying for food, shelter, medical help and education. The world can only be put right by listening to Nature.


Isn’t it terrifying the fires in Greece?


Is the world going to finish this way? A heritage street destroyed within twenty four hours? 


Four million dead. Nature is angry. It is dancing the Rudra Tandav  of Shiva!

 It is also Kali dancing her destructive dance to kill evil forces! 


“While shorter-lived and less abundant than carbon dioxide, methane is much more powerful at trapping heat, making its global warming impact more than 80 times greater in the short term. Around 60% of the world’s methane emissions are produced by human activities – with the bulk coming from agriculture, waste disposal and fossil fuel production.”–BBC

Methane is nature’s devil dancer trampling on us. It is trapping the heat we over-generate and playing havoc with the weather systems, the typhoons, the floods, the fires and the snowstorms.

Covid stopped us in our tracks and cleared the pollution in many cities because of the lockdowns and lack of emissions from cars.

It is not as if leaders have not been banging at our door and warning us. I can off the cuff think of Al Gore and Greta Thunberg. We make fun of these people as if they were unrealistic doomsday purveyors! 

You will ask, “What can I do?” We will have to bite the bullet and stop travelling by air for leisure. It might kill the tourism industry but it will save the planet. Our standards of living vary so extremely from region to region but it is time to bring things to a par. If people can live homeless, without food, without electricity, without drinking water and still survive, then there must be some middle ground. A basic humane standard of living for everyone. Why do we deny that? We deny that on the basis of religion, colour, race and nationalities.

Time to stop and rethink our strategies. It is great for Bitcoin to burn up energy and create a faux economy that nobody needs. It is great for the trillionaires to intensify their businesses while people who work for them die of stress and low pay.

Sometimes doing nothing is the answer. We have to stop gas guzzling cars. Fuel burning planes and rockets. Coal fires. Immense agricultural and animal husbandry ventures.

 “”Nature is giving us a signal that in our current land-division practices we have been thinking like real estate agents and that we must instead learn to “THINK LIKE BISON.””

“This, finally, is the punch line of out two hundred years on the Great Plains: we trap out the beaver, subtract the Mandan, infect the Blackfeet and the Hidatsa and the Assiniboin, overdose the Arikara; call the land a desert and hurry across it to get to California and Oregon; suck up the buffalo, bones and all; kill off nations of elk and wolves and cranes and prairie chickens and prairie dogs; dig up the gold and rebury it in vaults someplace else; ruin the Sioux and Cheyenne and Arapaho and Crow and Kiowa and Comanche; kill Crazy Horse, kill Sitting Bull; harvest wave after wave of immigrants’ dreams and send the wised-up dreamers on their vary; plow the topsoil until it blows to the ocean; ship out the wheat, ship out the cattle; dig up the earth itself and burn it in power plants and send the power down the line; dismiss the small farmers, empty the little towns; dry up the rivers and springs, deep-drill for irrigation water as the aquifer retreats….”

People read books like, “The Secret” and begin living lives positively thinking they will do it but read this book called Nature; it is staring us in the face and is saying look at all the negative energy thrown by mankind; find a way to turn it positive.

By chanderoo

I am a writer and an amateur photographer. I love capturing sunrises and cloud formations on my old Fuji camera. I have written a number of books including books for children and they are all available on and! I also love to listen to new and old music; I can play some nasty chords on my guitar. I have lost my singing voice but I do badger the neighborhood with some of my singing!

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